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Zapya,Hello friends, welcome to our site once again. Today we are going to share with you a tool which is helpful to transfer of  data,videos,pictures etc.The name of the tool is Zapya which is useful to you for sharing and transfer files. By using Zapya you can transfer your any kind of date from one mobile to another. Zapya is a tool which we not need any type of mobile-data or wi-fi for sharing. Zapya has no cost to use and it supported 20 languages. In this tool you need to create group and invite other to join and it generated personalized QR code  for other to scan, or simply sent files to those nearby. Zapya is free to Download and Install.


↘↙↣ Free to Download.
↖↗↣ Watch Latest Videos share by others.
↘↙↣You can transfer files from old device to new. 
↖↗↣ Chat and share with friends without internet.
↘↙↣Scan QR code to share data or files.
↖↗↣Share in a group and chat with friends without messenger or what-app.
↘↙↣More then 15 Languages are available.
↖↗↣Easy and simple to use.

     To Download the tool just click the link which is given below.

                        Zapya Free Download click Here 

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  1. Hey, I just read out your blog, it's quite interesting and informative thank you for sharing it..personally, I like the part about the large tranfer of files. if you want to transfer large file free just check it out. I m sure you won't regret it.