Kaptaan Khan-Fight against corruption Apk free game Download for Android: Imran khan game against nawz sharif free download: Fight aganist corruption free game download

Hello, Today we are going to share with you that one of the best Pakistani game is launched now.If you want to get revenge from Evil villains and Boss leaders. Do you want to support your Leader? Then this game is made for you. Are you looking for intense fighting action game? Try going brutal! In my name Imran-corruption monster killer, you have the right to punch and kick those corrupted souls. Want to extreme? Go punching out the bad guys. Going all out power? Kill the corrupted mobsters and Mafia Gangsters. My Name is Imran is a Game of skill and speed in which you will need to string together super mega punches, kicks and kills. Numerous combos are also available to you. You must hit them hard and fast.


  • Free to Download.
  • Top most corrupted and villans Bosses.
  • 10 characters.
  • New champions based on your voting.
  • Battle across more than 4 stages around the country.
  • Adventures and Action.
  • Punching Rages.
  • Take photo of your Battle.
  • Share with your friends.
  • Easy and Simple to use.                                                                                                                To download the game just click the link which is given below.Thanks for visiting.Keep visit.           Kaptaan Khan Fight Against Corruption Free Download Here.                                                   For more visit>>>> ApkEarthQuack

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